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My Local Crafters is the first to offer a place where
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The Story

Born & raised in Ohio I was given a gift from my dad – a passion for Creating, Color and Crafting (the three C’s) – And I have had it for many years and surrounded myself with handmade items from him and others. And of course items I created myself.

So this passion turned into a concept. An Idea. A website model. My Local Crafters is the first to be the connection for Crafters, Craft Shows and Customers (the three C’s) and it is all in your own community.  

About Us

I am Rebecca Robbins, and so excited to be the owner of My Local Crafters LLC. Creating and crafting has been my passion for over 20 years and I’m so excited to share my love for handmade items with you!

Have you ever found yourself searching for local crafters but found it difficult to find one? I’ve been there too! I found so much talent online but had a hard time finding crafters in my area. That’s why I created My Local Crafters. It’s a website that connects buyers with local crafters and craft shows in their area.

I understand that not everyone has time to attend craft shows or search through countless websites to find that perfect handmade item. That’s where we come in. Our website connects buyers with local crafters in their area, making it easy to find that unique, possible customized, personalized gift or home décor in your community.

At My Local Crafters, our goal is to be the place where visitors come to find local Craft Events and by doing so, they will find you, our Crafters. Building relationships with our buyers, crafters and promoters.

Join Us

We’re thrilled to announce that My Local Crafters is now up and running!

We’re excited to offer a one-stop-shop for Crafters, Craft Shows and Customers to connect with each other. Our platform is designed to help you stay up-to-date on your local arts and crafts scene, and make it easy to find and attend the best shows around. Whether you’re an avid crafter looking to showcase your work, or a customer searching for unique handmade items, we’ve got you covered.

So why wait? Come join us and be a part of the amazing community that My Local Crafters has to offer!